Pati Ko Kaise Sudhare In Hindi


“Pati Ko Vash Me Karne Ka Atut Upay, “In case your life accomplice does not hear you out, take your life partner’s napkin and after that take a lemon and make his significant another name on it and wrap it in a walnut or in your purse Take it and you have to keep it for 7 days, and then chant the following mantra and after 7 days, throw this lemon on an intersection, your husband will listen to everything and will be in your control.

Vashikaran Totke for Husband
If there is a difference in the husband-wife, then take these measures: – On Friday, take a small bottle of honey and put it in the bottle (husband and wife) by putting a photo of your small figure and pressing down at the bottom of the bed.
Mantra: – Namo Kamakhya Devayu ((spouse)) Mum Vashin Kuru Kuru Swaha.

If the love for the husband or lover’s wife or girlfriend has diminished, then remembering Shri Krishna, keep three cardamoms touching your body and keeping it hidden on Friday. Like if you wear saris, then you can put it in your pallu and wear them and if you wear other clothes then you can be kept in the handkerchief.

pati ko kaise pyar kare hindi

On Saturday morning, granulate the cardamom and feed it to the spouse or darling by blending it in any dishes.

If the husband’s interest has decreased in the wife, then both of them should eat together and at the time of food, secretly put a little food on your husband’s lunch with your plate. From this, the husband again takes an interest in the wife.

Do this for love in the relationship of husband and wife
In astrology, the seventh house of the horoscope has been considered as a place of marriage and marital happiness. In whose horoscope Rahu lives in this house, there is a possibility of difficulty in their marital life.

Such persons should be flown into almond or coconut water for 40 days. It keeps love and synergy between husband and wife’s relationships.

pati ko vashikaran ke upay in hindi

The husbands whose husbands are caught in the illusion of another woman or do not love each other, if they are fighting and quarreling, then the husband can be made friendly by this trick.
At 12 o’clock in the night of Thursday or Friday or in the period of the period, cut off some hair of the husband’s peak (shisha) and place it in a place where your husband will not notice. By doing this, your husband’s intelligence will improve and he will start to listen to you. After some days burn this hair and crush them with your feet and throw them out. A menstrual period will prove more effective than the time of menstruation.

pati ko apna diwana kaise banaye

During the Holi burning, take three glorious Gomti Chakra and take the name of that lady and apply a little silk and flame it in the fire of Holi. The husband will be chased by the woman.

When you feel that your husband is from any woman, then take any of your husband’s internal cloth with any excuse and set fire to it and blow it on an intersection and rubbing it with feet.

Place 5 cloves on the sukal side in a place where sweat comes and dry it, and after making powder, add milk and tea and give it to anyone, then it becomes in control.

pati ko vash me Karne ke Lal Kitab ke ACHUK totke

Make three packets of pacha Mehndi (about a hundred grams per packet) and go to the temple with a statue of a goddess holding three temples or a black temple or weapon. With the Dakshina, letter, flower, fruits, sweets, vermilion and garments, take the three packets of Mehandi. Then pray to Bhagwati to relieve suffering and give two fruits of one fruit and henna back with some money and give it to a person who cleanses around the house or cleaner around his house. Then take a pack of henna from him and dissolve it and put it in the hands and feet of the victim. The pain of the victim will gradually end with Mehndi’s color landing.
If you do not want to get married, you always have a problem with husband and wife, then take this step on any Friday. Take a pot of mud that contains a kilogram of Mushrooms. Put mushrooms and put them in front of you. Happily, both husband and wife should chant three mats of Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. After that, this character will come in the silence of Mother Bhagwati quietly. By doing this, your marriage will always be happy with the grace of Mother Bhagwati.
This experiment should favor the Shukla! Take a leaf! Keep sandalwood and saffron powder on it! At that point sit before the photo of Durga Mata Ji and present Chandi Sources from Durga Stuti for 43 days. ! After reading the sandalwood and saffron which was placed on the leaf, put the tilak on your forehead! And then put a tilak in front of her husband! If the husband is not there then his photo is in front of him! Take home the address of the new home that is completely chopped off from anywhere! Put the used leaf leaves somewhere in a different place! After 43 days of water the leaves of the water! Will solve the problem soon!

Reverse the two sinks of the broom – By keeping the straight thread tied to the blue thread, keeping it in the south-west of the house will increase the love of the couple.

sharabi pati ko kaise sudhare

If your husband is attached to any other woman and you fight-quarrel etc. So this experiment is very effective for you, every Sunday on Google’s home and bedroom. Take the name of that woman before fuming and wish that your spouse is spared soon after his or her dizziness. You will definitely benefit from believing with faith.

Take the idol of Lord Hanuman and take the idol in the feet of Sita Ji. Then come back after conveying your prayers in a single breath and folding your hands in devotion to Goddess Sita. Thus, on a few days, all kinds of obstacles are redressed.